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Work 2: Shrine Maiden Akane Kagura

Work 2: Shrine Maiden Akane Kagura

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Sorry to keep you waiting! [Tight Job] Part 2 I'm ready to go to work! - Continuing from the first installment, Atsuto Shinozuka designed a pretty ``priestess'' that you want to rely on when you're in trouble!  [Akane Kagura] is a kind-hearted, sacred body that serves God. Although she has a gentle personality, she is completely devoted to her service work! By casting and turning on the included hakama parts and hair ornament parts, you can also enjoy a formal kagura appearance.


Name: Work 2: Shrine Maiden Akane Kagura

Manufacturer: Vertex

Series: Tight Works

Specifications: Height: approx 250mm. Item Size/Weight : 33.5 x 24.5 x 20.5 cm / 1046g

Copyright: (C) VERTEX

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