Rewards System

Rewards System

(1)1 point for every 100PHP (1point=1PHP)

(2)Celebrate a birthday 200 point(Customers must register 31 days prior to their birthday)

(3)Share on Facebook 30 point

(4)Discount points can only be used for purchases of 500 PHP or more.

VIP System


Bronze (Normal) = 1 point for every 100PHP (1P=1PHP)

Silver (Total purchase of 50,000 PHP or more) = 3 points for every 100 PHP (1P=1PHP)


Gold (purchases totaling 100,000 PHP or more) = 5 points for every 100 PHP (1P=1PHP)

Customers can use 1 point as 1 PHP in the online store.
Customers must issue their own discount card via the Rewards app in the online store, although it can also be used in the physical store.


How to Use Discount Points for Pre-order Items

(1) Click ADD TO WISHLIST under the Pre-order button on the product page you wish to purchase and add the product to your WISHLIST.

(2) Click on the heart mark in the upper right corner of the screen to move to WISHLIST.

(3) Click the product you wish to purchase and click ADD TO CART to add it to your cart.

(4) Click "CHECK OUT" and enter your discount card number.

Partial Payment does not support discounts due to the system.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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