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MODEROID Type 98 Special Command Vehicle & Type 99 Special Labor Carrier

MODEROID Type 98 Special Command Vehicle & Type 99 Special Labor Carrier

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After more than 30 years... Long-awaited plastic models of the command vehicle and labor carrier are here!

Forward and backup work as one!

From the anime series "Mobile Police Patlabor" comes a rerelease of the 1/60 plastic model set of the Type 98 Special Command Vehicle & Type 99 Special Labor Carrier! This is the first plastic model kit of the Labor Carrier since the end of the anime's original broadcast run.

  • Under careful supervision of designer Shoji Kawamori, the construction of the vehicles has been updated to appear more modern and more detail has been added in, making for a definitive edition of the two vehicles!
  • Vehicles are an impressive size at 290mm in length.
  • Each wheel is connected with a metal shaft and can be rotated. Tires are made of rubber. The siren light and windows are made with transparent/translucent parts.
  • In addition to rotatable wheels, the front of the towing vehicle can be swung left or right, allowing you to turn the vehicle left and right.
  • The floodlight on top of the vehicle can be displayed stored or deployed, and the driver's seat of the vehicle has been faithfully sculpted.
  • The rear multipurpose hanger can be equipped with MODEROIDs of Police Labors from the series, such as MODEROID Ingram Peacemaker Variant (sold separately). The arms for holding the Labor in place are articulated and the crane can be rotated. The rear step can be extended out from the hanger.
  • The outriggers are extendable. · The multipurpose hanger can be jacked up to 90 degrees vertically for recreating Patlabor deck-up scenes from the series.

A command vehicle is included in the set, an indispensable item for creating scenes of Special Vehicle Section 2!

Runners are colored to match different colors of the vehicles, and pre-painted parts and decals are included too, so all it takes is a simple assembly to recreate the robots from the series.

Name:  MODEROID AV-98 Ingram & Bulldog Set(3rd-run)

Release: Date: July 2023

Announce Date: 02 March 2023

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Series: Mobile Police Patlabor

Specifications:Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit. 1/60 scale. Labor Carrier approximately 290mm in length. Command Vehicle approximately 55mm in length.

Copyright : ©HEADGEAR

Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.

Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary.

The base shown is a prototype. The final version may differ.

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