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Azur Lane" Ning Hai -Summer Hunger-

Azur Lane" Ning Hai -Summer Hunger-

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Summer is the beach! Speaking of beaches, gourmet food! Commander, why don't you eat delicious food together?

I've been waiting for a long time, Ning Hai swimsuit skin following Ping Hai Summer of appetite! It will be a figure of.

The expression of your body was amazing even in Ping Hai, but this time Ning Hai is also a very good finish!

The pedestal uses the same acrylic base as the product version of Hiraumi to create a sense of luxury.

Please decorate them side by side with very cute sisters!


Name: Le Malin -The Blade that Protect Vichya Dominion-

Manufacturer: mimeyoi

Series: Azur Lane

Specifications: Pre-painted Figure Material: ABS, PVC

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