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APEX "Arknights" Chess Piece Series Vol. 5 Set of 3

APEX "Arknights" Chess Piece Series Vol. 5 Set of 3

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The Arknights Chess Pieces series is a deform-sized figurine series featuring characters of social game "Arknights". This is the 5th release of the same series, which contains three characters from Rhodes Island, "Lappland", "Texas" and "Projekt Red". Make sure not to miss them!


Name: APEX "Arknights" Chess Piece Series Vol. 5 Set of 3

Manufacturer: APEX

Series:  Arknights

Specifications: About 12cm in height (including displaying base)

Material: PVC&ABS

Copyright:2017 Hypergryph Co. Ltd. / 2018 Yostar, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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