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Neil Van Bernal 7500 Otaku Power Milestone
The experience is surreal I am also surprised that the prize was sent so quickly. The product that I received, is genuine, and in good condition, packaged securely. Thank you! The team was easy to talk to and after giving the info that they needed, all transaction afterward is a breeze. Thank you and keep up the Good work.
Angela Allena A. La Flamme 7500 Otaku Power Milestone
You have my full support The experience was nice I got a prize out of a group who is planning in making shope here in the philipines. I’m happy about that. It’s a great thing to do. Prize was great, amazing quality and it was of decent prize. I was very shocked to see for how much it selled. Though I wont be selling. I am forever greatful for it.
Alizon Joseph Bautista 15k Otaku Power Milestone
A surprise after surprise Really thankful to the pages/group for this chance of winning this prize. The prize is so good and really surprise me when i came to my door without a notice.
Phobie Malicay Osteo 15k Otaku power milestone
The experience with your communications team is nice Super accomodating and I really love the prize that you sent me. Safe and secured packaging and good quality too.
Mimil Gacula 15k Otaku Power Milestone
Oh konnichiwa :')))) My experienced was pretty good, thank you. The product that I received is big, far from what I expected and it's so cute, love all the little details. Yes, they're friendly. I must say a fun of surprise.. from the day I received my package, I didn't know that my Kenshin Himura will be shipped.
Ederico San Gabriel Agonia 15k Otaku Power Milestone
It was a happy experience I was so glad that I got picked as one of the winners of your giveaways and Im looking forward to more giveaways. I totally like the prize I received because it was one of many characters I love. The team was approachable, friendly and easy to contact.

The product is very amazing. All I must say is "AMAZING" over my expectation. There also a box and the item is sealed. They replied at me very quickly when they are online or not busy. They're very accommodating and responsive. And they're understandable. More blessings and Otakus Power.
Gerald Hamilton
My experience on the shop is really great
The FB page and the website is very engaging. I also love the way you communicate using your social media apps. The shop characters are lovely. The best!!! I really love the prize that I received. It is shipped immediately and the packaging is really secured.
Denise Giselle Lacson Anime Shop Name Campaign
My experience was very good
There was zero hassle in my part and received the product as I was told. So I’ll one day definitely use the services of this shop again. The prize I received was in its best quality which is basically brand new. There were no damages to it and its packaging was seriously secure.
Sean Marion Saberola Otaku Power Milestone
I wasnt expecting to win really
it was a real big surprise for me to received it after my wedding. I was wondering on that day who sent a package to me. I didnt order anything online then upon opening it came the surprise i was like WHOAAAAAAAAA DORAK MAJISHAN GURL!!!!
Kierre Ellaizon Pigon10k Otaku Power Milestone Winner
I hope "Aniporium" would be a household thing in the country
As you'll expect from an online anime shop who caters otaku or not, the service you guys give was good! The quality speaks for how good it is just based from the anime it came from.
Daryl Polendey 10k Otaku Power Milestone Winner
It’s one of my unforgettable experience
Magclaclaim lang dapat ng prize may unexpected chat/chika with the CEO! Very fun and knowledgeable siya. Thanks for the experience. Since I was the first winner, nagpunta ako sa mismong building ng Aniporium.
Gwen Anne Macazo 5k Otaku Power Milestone Winner
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