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What Type of Otaku Are you?

Japanese culture is becoming more mainstream here in the Philippines. Manga and anime perhaps has been the biggest cultural export Japan has made. 

Manga and anime lovers are called “otaku”, although some consider it a derogatory  term because somewhat the meaning of it is “shut-in” or anti-social. But nowadays, the meaning of “otaku” has become very vast and has drawn a lot of colors in it since otaku communities were established. Otakus now have a safe place where they can relate and be themselves.

There are different types of otaku based on their main interest or focus, here are some of the types:

  • Manga is a form of comic in Japan and is a multi-billion dollar industry in Japan and is a common obsession among otakus.

  • The type of otaku who loves watching anime it becomes an obsession and starts  collecting anime merchandise

  • These type of otaku love the idea of maids or personal servants who obey and often go to maid cafes.

  • Those with an obsession in collecting figurines of their favorite anime characters usually spend a lot of time and money and are very protective of their collection.

  • Those interested in PC games, computer hardwares and parts. Spends a lot of time playing video games and buys different kinds of online gaming material.

  • They are also called Wota and have an obsession with idols, whether it is female or male. Have a collection of photographs with their idols and mostly spend money just to see/meet their idol.

  • The term was derived from the phrase “Want to be Japanese”. This type is classified as someone who loves and lives up the culture of Japan, someone who wants to live in Japan, in short wants to be Japanese.

    These are just some types of otaku, did you find out what type are you?

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